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Hello Everyone! LiveWorld is hiring for a few work from home positions including customer care positions. These positions are flexible and they have evening and overnight shifts available. These positions are also NON PHONE positions, which is great! As far as pay, Glassdoor Salaries lists the pay between $8 to $15 hourly. I've already done a video giving you more information on the position. You can check it out above, or click here to apply directly to the job and browse their other postions. Make sure to share with those looking for legitimate work from home! Good Luck!

Hello Everyone! I just posted a video about a few companies that are hiring right now! This is a variety of jobs so hopefully there is something available for you. The jobs range from accounting jobs to online teacher jobs in the US, Canada, and the UK. All companies mentioned in the video can be found here on the site. Simply scroll to the company mentioned and click the link to apply. You can also apply via the description bar on YouTube. Make sure to share this info with anyone looking for real work from home! Good Luck!

Hello Everyone! If you are looking for a flexible side hustle, then this may be for you! Education First needs native English speakers with a Bachelor's degree in ANY field to teach English online to kids OR adults. You can choose your own schedule and teach in 25 minute time blocks. You can teach from US or almost any other country from around the world. You can earn from $12-$19 hourly. They also offer 24/7 support for your convenience. For more info and to apply, click here.

You can also try VipKid for online teaching gigs, however, VipKid only allows you to teach from the US or Canada. Click here for more info and to apply! Make sure to share this post for those looking for real side hustles and ways to make extra money!

What equipment do I need to work from home?

Equipment varies depending on the company. You will most likely need internet access, phone service, a telephone, and/or a PC or Mac.

Should I have to pay money to work from home?

Most of the time, you should NOT be paying any money to start doing any type of work from home job. There are some cases where some companies may ask you to pay for your background check. In RARE cases such as with Arise, you may have to pay for your training.

What is a 1099 Job/Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor is a person or business which performs services for another person or entity under a contract between them, with the terms spelled out such as duties, pay, the amount and type of work and other matters. You will be responsible for paying your own taxes with this type of work, and you will not be considered an employee, so you will not receive any employee benefits. For more info, click here.

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