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Common Equipment Needed For Work At Home Jobs! Part 1

With work from home jobs, the equipment that you will need will most likely be disclosed to you in the job description. Some companies provide you with equipment, and other companies have you supply the equipment. Most of the time, when you are providing the equipment, it is either something you may have already at home, or if it isn't, it is fairly inexpensive. Here is a short list of some of the common types of equipment you may need to provide for work from home jobs.

Phone With Headset

With most customer service jobs, you will need to have a phone and a headset. You can get a good phone for under $50 on eBay. Try the AGPtek Hands-free Call Center Noise Cancelling Corded Monaural Headset Telephone which is available on eBay for $34

Computer Monitor

Some companies will need you to have a monitor. These days, most tv's can be used as a monitor, but if you do end up getting a monitor, they wont cost you much. Try the HP 25es 25" IPS LED Full HD Monitor 1920 x 1080 7ms VGA, 2 x HDMI on eBay. Always verify what size monitor the company prefers before making a purchase! You can always shop around on sites like Craiglist, or even go to Goodwill or thrift stores for a cheaper price.

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