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$15 Hourly With Liftopia! American Express Hiring AGAIN + Fantasy Sports Support (Non Phone Job)

Hey everyone! I just posted a YouTube video about two different work from home jobs now available! One with Liftopia, and another with 5CA. The job with Liftopia is a seasonal customer service job, hiring in various states, and the job with 5CA is a non phone Fantasy Sports Customer Support job. You can find all the details in the video below, and the links to apply in the video description bar. While posting the video, I found out that American Express is hiring again for customer care with $15 hourly pay! If you missed that video click here. If you are interested in applying, click here. The holidays are coming, so the jobs will be coming too! Make sure you are subscribed so you can keep up! In the meanwhile, Happy Savvy Side Hustling!

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