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The 3 Easiest Companies To Start Working From Home With

Hello Everyone! If you are looking for very flexible work from home job opportunities that allow you to get your feet wet without taking the full plunge, keep reading!

The companies that I will be mentioning allow you to work VERY flexible scheduling, on your OWN time as an independent contractor. I got my start with Liveops, so for me it's first on the list. Keep reading below, or check out the video above for more info!

Liveops hires from most states and allows you to work a flexible schedule as a call center agent. They have several different types of clients that you can choose to take calls for. They have sales calls, technical support calls, and even roadside assistance calls. If they choose to bring you on board, you will have to pay for your background check. Liveops gives you guidelines on what could cause you to fail a background check. You can certify/register to work for several different clients, there are no other fees except the background check fee. As an independent contractor, any time used to certify will not be paid. You are only paid for talk time which averages to about 25 cent per minute, but also varies by client. For more info and to apply, click here.

ACD Direct is similar to Liveops. They prefer to work with business entities, but it is not required. As an independent contractor you have full control over when you work. For more info and to apply, click here.

Arise allows you to work a flexible schedule also. They provide call center services for several clients, including Intuit and Carnival. If you have your own call center business, you can register and have agents working for you, or as an agent you can work for a call center (IBO) that is already on the Arise platform. Arise does charge registration fees per client that you register with and the fees vary from $19.99 to $150.00. Of course it is your choice who you choose to register with, and you will know of all fees ahead of time. Unlike Liveops, Arise does pay an hourly wage, whether you are on a call or not. For more info and to apply, click here.

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