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$15 Hourly Part Time Work From Home Job!

Hello everyone! I am back with a new job. The company GetThru has a part time job available. They are looking for Dialer Monitors. You would be working a couple of short shifts during the week and also a couple on the weekend. During a shift, a number will show on the screen and you need to click it within a half second. Often there are a long list of numbers that need to all be clicked in as quick as possible. They would like for you to have experience with ThruTalk, administering a dialer, or participating in a calling program, but if you don't have any experience, that's ok. To do the job, you need access to reliable internet, a laptop or a computer, and a mouse. This job pays $15 hourly and you can be anywhere in the US. For more info and to apply, click here. Good Luck!

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