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Updated: May 5

Hey Everyone! I am back with a side hustle and a job! Let's start with the side hustle!

The company iShopForIpsos is looking for mystery shoppers! Mystery Shopping is a side hustle that requires NO EXPERIENCE and it's simple! You would simply go to different businesses posing as a regular customer and evaluate the service received. You can go to banks, gas stations, grocery stores, and fast food chains just to name a few. I have been mystery shopping for over a decade and you can make an average of $25-$35 hourly mystery shopping! Any purchases made while shopping will be reimbursed to you, along with the pay for doing the mystery shop. There are many mystery shops that don't require ANY purchases, for example, a bank shop, where you would simply pose as a customer interested in opening an account. You can pick and choose which shops are best for you. Signing up is easy, and you can receive your pay via PayPal. If you are interested in signing up for Ipsos or want to learn more info, check out the link here. You can also check out my many videos on mystery shopping here.

Now lets talk about the job! Transperfect is looking for Online Data Raters, this is a no phone job where you can make your own schedule, there is no experience required! As an Online Data Rater you would perform the following: review, evaluate and report on the accuracy of online search queries. This data will be used to develop and improve online search results. I am not aware of the pay for this job. If you are interested in applying, check out the job here. Good luck!

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