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Service Channel Is Hiring!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am back with another job. The company Service Channel is looking for a Client Lead. They are not mentioning the rate of pay, nor are they mentioning any state hiring restrictions. A Client Lead has strong prioritization skills and can work independently. This role is designated to a single client, assisting with the administration and follow up on service requests to their locations. The Client Lead will be available between the hours of 9am - 6pm EST and rotating weekend shifts, and will be an expert in work order management on the ServiceChannel platform. Here are a few of the key responsibilities:

  • This is a remote-based, customer service focused role, that will require you to monitor and respond to Facility Emergency Work Orders by:

  • Dispatching service requests to vendors

  • Following up on dispatched work orders, ensuring ServiceChannel process is adhered to

  • Contact Facility Locations to verify service was completed to client satisfaction

  • The Client Lead will partner with Facility Managers to coordinate service by adding vendors to locations and advising vendors of proper procedure

  • Monitor Aging Reports, ensuring life cycle of service requests are completed

Here are a few of the required skills & experience:

  • One to two years experience working in a high volume help desk role.

  • A demonstrated ability to provide support and guidance on fundamental computer applications and product specific technical questions, particularly in a fast-paced environment. Experience in the Facilities Management industry preferred.

  • Verbal and written English proficiency, including the ability to easily understand instructions and feedback and to respond fluently and precisely.

They also have a few preferred qualifications. You can check those out, along with all of the rest of the info here. You will also find the application on that link. Good Luck!

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